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About Jon Ruark

"Entering my career as an engineer, I held certain project management beliefs as true. Once I looked at the results, I had to find a better way."

Jon Ruark is a practical coach. While he is passionate about Lean, Agile, and Lean Startup methods, the results are what matter most. Jon takes the best from a variety of sources to pick the right solution for each scenario. Since he embodies lean principles, you can be assured that the recommendations he provides will be the shortest, and fastest way to get results. Jon will push you to a comfortable limit to maximize the impact you can build. 

"The magic Jon brought to the process was his natural ability to hear the unsaid.  He would explain why certain strategies would work, and go into why they would or would not be an ideal fit based on his observations and intuitions.  I heard comments like, “I never thought of it that way!” or “I didn’t even consider that.” while he coached clients."

Jamie L.
Founder, Hisako Handmades

"Jon's instructional style is unique because he can distill the right information at the right time. As a "recovering engineer," Jon has taken a journey from only looking for what can be measured to looking for how humanity shows up in his work with individuals and groups.  This is not an easy task.  But what I have come to appreciate about Jon is his humility and dedication to the task of helping customers solve difficult problems, without losing sight of the passion of helping people."  

Ty S.
Founder, Government Innovations 

"Jon's commitment to learning is always expressed through his positive attitude, ability to clearly communicate difficult concepts, and dedication to the improvement of his student's cognitive maturity. Jon's mix of formal instructional techniques combined with his coaching talent has been key in creating his effective style of facilitating changes and improvement in individuals, peers, and organizational leaders."

Gil G.
Department of Defense

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